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Good News in the WorldUSAMinnesota's hemp growers revolutionize U.S. Chicken feed market

Minnesota’s hemp growers revolutionize U.S. Chicken feed market

Minnesota growers are on the cusp of a significant advancement as hemp seed meal gains federal approval for chicken feed, marking a milestone for the cannabis industry. With potential for a booming market, farmers are encouraged to diversify and embrace regenerative agriculture practices.

Andrew Bish of the Hemp Feed Coalition highlights the benefits of incorporating hemp in crop rotations, emphasizing its carbon-reducing potential. Despite initial challenges in the CBD market, the prospect of utilizing hemp in chicken feed offers a promising avenue for sustainable farming.

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s push to ease regulations further fuels optimism, heralding a new era for hemp growers and the agricultural community at large

Source video: mercyforanimals on YouTube

Source image: Engin Akyurt / pixabay


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