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Good News in the WorldMiraculous fetal brain surgery saves baby girl's life, paving the way for...

Miraculous fetal brain surgery saves baby girl’s life, paving the way for revolutionary treatments

A remarkable medical breakthrough has occurred as doctors successfully performed fetal brain surgery on a baby girl near Boston. This pioneering operation, conducted in the womb, holds the potential to save lives and revolutionize the treatment of similar brain conditions in the future. The baby, diagnosed with vein of Galen malformation during a routine ultrasound scan, faced the risk of brain damage, heart problems, and breathing difficulties.

Through an experimental two-hour procedure, a team of medical professionals inserted tiny platinum coils into the blood-filled pocket in the fetus’s brain, effectively blocking the problematic artery-vein connection. The baby girl was born healthy and is now thriving at home after a few weeks of monitoring in the hospital.

Source video: Eyewitness News ABC7NY on YouTube

Source image: Pavel Danilyuk /pexels


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