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Good News in the WorldReviving the joy: UK's 'lost' lidos make a triumphant comeback

Reviving the joy: UK’s ‘lost’ lidos make a triumphant comeback

A wave of nostalgia is sweeping across the UK as old lidos resurface, bringing back the joys of open-air swimming. These cherished pools, originally built for working-class communities in the 1930s, fell out of favor over the years. But now, a new era has arrived, with lidos making a comeback.

From the planned Sea Lanes in Brighton, set to become the country’s first open water swimming center of excellence, to the revitalization of the historic Cleveland Pools in Bath, and the eagerly anticipated Albert Avenue lido in Hull, communities are rallying together to restore these outdoor havens. With their reopening, the spirit of summer and outdoor adventure is once again in the air.

Source video: John Rogers on YouTube

Source image: TimHill / pixabay


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