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Good News in the WorldEuropeDutch entrepreneur launches Europe's first private overnight sleeper trains

Dutch entrepreneur launches Europe’s first private overnight sleeper trains

Europe is about to witness a magnificent comeback as the continent welcomes its first privately-run overnight sleeper train service. This remarkable initiative by European Sleeper is the brainchild of a former train guard who yearned for the nostalgic charm of historic rail travel and recognized the rising demand for sustainable transport options.

Through crowdfunding and healthy competition, European Sleeper has successfully revived this 19th-century mode of locomotion. Founder Elmer van Buuren believes that people are now realizing the drawbacks of combining budget airlines with hotel stays, leading them to embrace the convenience and low-carbon footprint of overnight sleeper trains. Get ready to embark on a delightful journey through time and explore Europe in a whole new way!

Source video: Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas on YouTube

Source image: PatternPictures / pixabay


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