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Revolutionary initiative: Cruise ship transformed into supportive housing

Hope Harbor project offers innovative housing solutions for Portland's vulnerable populations.


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Miraculous fetal brain surgery saves baby girl’s life, paving the way for revolutionary treatments

A baby girl who developed a life-threatening brain condition was successfully treated before she was born.

Dolly Parton’s Dollywood to cover full tuition for all employees

Dollywood Parks & Resorts announced Tuesday it will cover 100% of tuition, fees and books for any employee.

Peru and U.S. Forge $20 Million debt-for-nature pact to preserve Amazon Rainforest

Peru's visionary debt-for-nature swap with the U.S. promises a brighter future for the Amazon's rich biodiversity.
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Sunken temple’s spectacular treasures unearthed off Egypt’s coast

The discovery of treasures and secrets at the sunken temple off Egypt's coast is a testament to the enduring richness of history beneath the waves.

Archaeological marvel: Saudi Arabia unveils potential world’s largest prehistoric hand ax

Unlocking ancient mysteries, the discovery of a colossal 20-inch hand ax in Saudi Arabia captivates with its monumental significance.

Indonesian program pays fishers to collect plastic trash at sea

Each of the 1,721 participating fishers will receive the equivalent of $10 a week for collecting up to 4 kg (9 lbs) of plastic waste from the sea daily.

Ocean Cleanup Project reports successful trial of its newest and largest system

Ocean Cleanup Project reports successful trial of its newest and largest system
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Police Officer’s kind act inspires hope in Utah community

In a world often filled with challenges, kindness still shines bright.

Remarkable discovery: 1,700-year-old Roman fortress unearthed in Germany

Discovering the resilient Roman fortress illuminates history's enduring spirit.

Joyful Mrs. Delicious spreads sweet kindness with pay-it-forward ice cream

Mrs. Delicious's ice cream venture spreads joy and kindness, uniting a community in acts of generosity and compassion.

Forest app: Grow trees, break phone addiction – go green today!

Forest app transforms screen time guilt into eco-friendly action.
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US news

A Florida community is praising a group of men for saving the day

Lending a helping hand will always be appreciated. Four young men learned that firsthand after they received praise for escorting a retirement home resident back...

UK news

Small parcels of underappreciated land are being transformed by community growers to boost biodiversity and wellbeing

“We’ve got to give people better health, wellbeing and access to good food. It’s really simple and we don’t have to invest millions – let’s just better use land that taxpayers are already paying for.”

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Family goes weeks without producing a single piece of trash with ‘zero waste’ lifestyle

“It’s cheaper and you know that the item will continue being used instead of being set aside – so it’s just perfect!