Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Green energy revolution cuts east-coast power costs, ignites optimism

Green energy surge slashes east-coast power costs, boosting hopes for sustainability.


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Covid proves that employers can make remote accommodations for disabled workers

Every employer right now is looking to hire. Whenever there are times like this, when companies are looking to hire, it makes the gap smaller

Venture Graviky Labs converts air pollution into safe, high-grade inks.

Three MIT-incubated ventures chosen for first Techstars Impact class, of which Graviky Labs converts air pollution into safe, high-grade inks.

Accurate e-tattoos are developed to monitor blood pressure – promises continuous, mobile monitoring

Roozbeh Jafari, co-leader of the project, described cuff-less blood pressure monitoring as the “holy grail”.
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A city in China is planning an offshore wind farm so big that it could power all of Norway

China connected more offshore wind generation capacity in 2021 – 17 GW – than every other country in the world installed in the last five years

New ‘sky train’ levitates on a magnetic track in the air and can glide along silently at speeds of up to 50mph without electricity

Maglev trains use magnets to lift the carriages above the track. This eliminates the need for wheels and provides faster and quieter service.

Saudi Arabia’s first yoga festival offers mindfulness and meditation

Nouf Al-Maroui said yoga had become an increasingly widespread therapy deployed to maintain wellness

Multiple ghostnets recovered from Ocean on Halloween

Gillnets found by Halloween divers and raised by liftbags in Hong Kong
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Japan sets historic example in saving forests to protect coastal ecosystems

Japan leads in coastal ecosystem conservation, showcasing the vital link between forests and thriving seas.

The micro smart factory: revolutionizing water purification with off-grid efficiency

Wayout's Micro Smart Factory: Revolutionizing water purification, combating scarcity and pollution.

Revolutionary ‘liquid trees’ bring hope for green urban future, combating pollution and boosting oxygen levels

Liquid 3's microalgae liquid trees bring hope for urban sustainability, combating pollution and creating green spaces.

Revolutionary technology harnesses body heat for sustainable energy generation

A groundbreaking technological innovation utilizes the natural warmth of the human body to generate sustainable energy.
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US news

Team recycles wood from abandoned homes diverting tons of wood waste from landfills

Project helps tackle joblessness problem by focusing on deconstruction rather than demolition

UK news

10-year-old brothers save dad from drowning in pool

"When he came home, that's got to be the happiest moment of my life," said Christian.

world news

Startup develops an innovative solution to generate solar power from railway tracks

Solution directly rolls out solar modules between railway tracks like a carpet. The panels can be removed at any time for maintenance work.