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Langholm’s triumph: A community’s inspiring journey to rewilding success

Langholm's rewilding initiative not only revived the landscape but also sparked newfound hope, jobs, and community well-being.


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Miraculous recovery: Baby defies odds in battle against rare genetic disease

Against all odds, baby Augustine's remarkable journey toward recovery from a rare genetic disease inspires hope.

Teen rock climber upcycles discarded ropes into colorful dog leashes for a cause

“When I launched my nonprofit business, people hadn’t fully caught on to what I was doing, but eventually with using social media to promote my product and making connections in my community, I was able to gain attraction for Rocks2Dogs,”

Meet “The Garden Man” cultivating hope and equality in Atlanta, US

Bobby Wilson's urban farm fosters community, fresh produce, and hope for a brighter future.
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Greystones’ smartphone ban: A town’s success story inspires national guidelines

Greystones' voluntary smartphone ban empowers parents, fostering a tech-aware generation with happier, phone-free childhoods.

School class of 42 children reported missing on school trip were found with drones

Dozens of children were reported missing on Monday during a school trip in Nahal Og near the Dead Sea.

Setting sail into a greener future: MAERSK’s pioneering methanol-powered container ship marks a milestone in sustainable shipping

Navigating cleaner seas, Maersk's innovative vessel charts a course toward a brighter, sustainable tomorrow.

Cyborg cockroaches to save lives after an earthquake

“Before the battery dies, we need to guide the insect to stay in sunlight.
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Guerrilla rewilding: Optimistic acts defying bureaucracy to restore Britain’s lost biodiversity

Amidst government indifference, passionate rewilders covertly revive Britain's lost species, fostering hope for a thriving biodiversity resurgence.

Ancient marvels unveiled: Unprecedented discovery of 24 bronze statues in Tuscany rewrites history and ignites cultural renaissance

In a cultural triumph, Tuscany's historic find sparks a vibrant rebirth, with plans for a museum and archaeological park underway.

Wales ventures into crypto innovation: Local currency sparks optimism for SMEs

Wales' pioneering local cryptocurrency promises to empower SMEs, fostering economic resilience and community strength.

Emilia-Romagna cultivates green future: €500,000 boost for hemp supply chain

Emilia-Romagna's hemp investment sparks a green revolution, cultivating a sustainable future in construction and fashion.
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US news

After daughter’s viral TikTok posts, Montpelier author’s ‘Stone Maidens’ novel is a bestseller

The video reached 42 million views and counting. People ordered the book from all over the world, sending it to the No. 1 spot on Amazon.

UK news

City is restoring old electrical goods – and giving them to those in need

Bristol has a novel approach to tackling e-waste and consumerism: restore unwanted electronics and give them away

world news

Roman seals unveil Pantheon of deities in ancient Doliche: A glimpse into civic splendor

Discovering 2,000 intricate Roman seals in Doliche opens a captivating window into the vibrant tapestry of ancient civic life.