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Good News in the WorldEuropeRevolutionary 3d-printed electric motorbike unveiled: Lightweight eco marvel

Revolutionary 3d-printed electric motorbike unveiled: Lightweight eco marvel

Revolutionizing transportation, a German manufacturing company, BigRep, has unveiled the world’s first fully 3D-printed electric motorcycle named “NERA”.

Weighing just 132 pounds, this sleek bike showcases the power of innovation and eco-friendly travel.

Designed by NowLab, BigRep’s innovation department, NERA features 3D-printed components including airless tires with customizable treads, flexible bumpers, seat, chest rest, and steering mechanisms.

This breakthrough design, although a prototype, signifies a significant step towards sustainable mobility.

While there’s no set timeline for its commercial release …

Source video: BigRep 3D Printers on YouTube

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