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Good News in the WorldGlobalHope on the horizon: African Parks' ambitious plan to free 2,000 Rhinos

Hope on the horizon: African Parks’ ambitious plan to free 2,000 Rhinos

African Parks, a dedicated conservation group, is embarking on a groundbreaking mission to set free 2,000 southern white rhinos into their natural habitat. This inspiring initiative comes after acquiring the world’s largest private rhino breeding operation in South Africa. These majestic creatures, the second-largest land mammals on Earth, face severe threats from poaching. With a current estimated population of 18,000, they are classified as a near-threatened subspecies. Over the next decade, African Parks aims to “rewild” these rhinos, securing their future. This remarkable project, supported by emergency funding, marks a significant step in preserving biodiversity and fostering hope for a thriving rhino population.

Source video: WION on YouTube

Source image: MonikaP / pixabay


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