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Highland Clan chief’s lost treasure unearthed: A glimpse into Glencore’s history

A remarkable discovery in the heart of the Scottish Highlands has shed new light on the tragic history of Glencoe. A hoard of 17th-century coins, believed to have once belonged to the Highland clan chief Alasdair Ruadh ‘Maclain’ MacDonald, has been unearthed during an archaeological dig. These coins, including international currency, were found hidden beneath the remains of a grand stone fireplace at what is believed to have been a hunting lodge or feasting hall.

The find offers a poignant glimpse into a tumultuous chapter in Scotland’s history, with historians speculating that the coins were buried in haste on the fateful morning of the Glencoe Massacre in 1692. The artifacts discovered are providing valuable insights into the lives of those who once occupied this historical site, and the significance of this discovery is immeasurable.

Source video: Mark 1333 on YouTube

Source image: independent.co.uk

Source: independent.co.uk

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