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Good News in the WorldResurrecting 'Elvis': Pterosaur's rockstar crest shines light on ancient skies

Resurrecting ‘Elvis’: Pterosaur’s rockstar crest shines light on ancient skies

Meet ‘Elvis,’ a charismatic pterosaur from 145 million years ago, discovered in a German quarry. This young flyer flaunted a 2-meter wingspan and a distinctive bony crest resembling Elvis Presley’s iconic quiff. Despite its youthful stature, it sported a formidable jaw ideal for snatching fish and shrimp in shallow seas.

Unveiling the past, international paleontologists aptly named it Petrodactyle wellnhoferi, honoring Peter Wellnhofer. This rockstar reptile, part of the Ctenochasmatidae family, boasts the grandest crest of its kin, offering insights into late Jurassic Pterosaurs’ lives. Such fascinating finds remind us of the ancient marvels that once ruled the skies.

Source video: CBS News on YouTube

Source image: 771141 / pixabay


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