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Good News in the WorldRevolutionizing altitudes: India's first hydrogen fuel cell buses embark on eco-journey in...

Revolutionizing altitudes: India’s first hydrogen fuel cell buses embark on eco-journey in Ladakh

Exciting times ahead as India’s pioneering hydrogen fuel cell bus initiative takes the road in Leh, marking a significant stride towards eco-friendly transportation. Spearheaded by NTPC, the country’s largest power producer, this groundbreaking project showcases five hydrogen-fueled buses navigating Ladakh’s challenging terrains.

With a visionary approach, NTPC has not only provided these buses but also established a green hydrogen production setup, solidifying its commitment to sustainability. Despite weather-related delays, the buses are poised to revolutionize altitudes above 11,500 feet, even in sub-zero winters. This innovation echoes Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for a carbon-neutral Ladakh, affirming India’s tech-forward trajectory.

Source video: Electric Vehicles India on YouTube

Source image: sarangib / pixabay


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