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InspirationCeltic rainforests in UK to be restored, offering new habitats for wildlife...

Celtic rainforests in UK to be restored, offering new habitats for wildlife and boosting flood prevention

Two “Celtic rainforests” in the UK are set to be restored, offering new homes for dozens of species and boosting flood prevention.

The reforestation efforts will involve a combination of native planting and natural regeneration, and will provide a rare opportunity for tourists and residents to experience a temperate rainforest, a biome typically found in Oregon and Washington in the US, Brazil’s Atlantic coast, and New Zealand.

The Manx Wildlife Trust will oversee the planting of 28 hectares of native Celtic rainforest, leaving another eight to regenerate naturally on the Isle of Man. Meanwhile, in Gwynedd, North Wales, a 40-hectare site near the town of Byrn Mawr will be raised through native planting and regeneration. These projects were funded by …

Source video: Coedwigoedd Glaw Celtaidd Celtic Rainforest

Source image: rogeriodasilvadotcom / pixabay


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