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Good News in the WorldAustraliaVolunteer 'sea-weeding' sparks astounding 600% coral reef recovery boost

Volunteer ‘sea-weeding’ sparks astounding 600% coral reef recovery boost

In a heartening conservation triumph, Australian volunteers have harnessed the power of “sea-weeding” to breathe new life into coral reefs. Over three years, citizen scientists, under the guidance of Hillary Smith and Professor David Bourne in an Earthwatch Institute initiative, diligently removed invasive macroalgae in the Great Barrier Reef’s Yunbenun area.

The remarkable outcome? A staggering 600% surge in coral recovery rates. This cost-effective, hands-on approach offers global hope for coral reefs, demonstrating that manual intervention can rival advanced technology. Plans are now afoot to expand this success to other regions like French Polynesia and Indonesia, heralding a brighter future for our beleaguered coral ecosystems.

Source video: Nature on PBS on YouTube

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