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Good News in the WorldEuropeFrom waste to worth: how human urine is revolutionizing agriculture

From waste to worth: how human urine is revolutionizing agriculture

Human urine has become an unlikely hero in the face of a shortage of agricultural chemicals. With the price of urine per 25 liters rising from $1 to $6 since the start of the War in Ukraine, farmers and providers have turned to this abundant source of fertilizer.

The Rich Earth Institute of Vermont leads the way in urine collection, providing free funnels to donors and running a collection center in Brattleboro. By donating urine, individuals can help produce food and save over 4,000 gallons of drinkable water each year.

While donation centers may not yet be available in every area, individuals can still contribute to the cause by fertilizing their own plants with their urine. By taking this small step, anyone can help both the environment and their water bill.

It may seem unusual, but the rising value of urine as a fertilizer highlights the innovative ways in which we can reduce waste and protect our planet. With initiatives like these, we can build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Source video: Al Jazeera English

Source image: Keith Weller / Wikimedia

Source: Optimistdaily.com

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