Friday, June 21, 2024
UncategorizedSafe, high-performance solid-state battery materials discovered

Safe, high-performance solid-state battery materials discovered

Tokyo University of Science unveils a breakthrough in battery tech—a stable, highly conductive solid electrolyte for solid-state lithium-ion batteries.

Safer and more powerful, these batteries promise higher energy density and faster charging for electric vehicles and beyond.

The new pyrochlore-type oxyfluoride, Li1.25La0.58Nb2O6F, boasts remarkable conductivity even at -10°C, making it versatile across temperatures.

Its stability eliminates risks of leakage or toxic gas, ideal for critical applications like aviation.

Professor Kenjiro Fujimoto hails it as a game-changer, anticipating its use in electric cars and beyond.

With this discovery, the future of batteries …

Source video: QuantumScape on YouTube

Source image: Visor69 / Pixabay


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